Monday, December 30, 2002

  Friday, Dec. 27th: Went to a party at Matt R.'s, drank some Calvados, enjoyed the company, just generally had a good time. On the way there, we did a bit of war driving with Mitch's laptop and new Orinoco wireless card. It found several connections, most of them unsecured. When we got back to Mitch's house, we started watching The Man Who Wasn't There, but I got sleepy and we had to turn it off.

Sunday, Dec. 29th: We had the Fire Communion service at church -- one of my favorites. It is about letting go of the old year and moving into the new one. We always have it the Sunday right before or right after New Year's. You write on a little slip of paper things from the last year that you want to leave behind, and then you burn it. Many of us also do resolutions for the new year. Last year, my resolutions were about getting involved more, not being so shy, being more assertive, etc. I think that I have made some progress on those fronts.
After lunch, went to Mitch's to finish watching The Man Who Wasn't There, then I helped Mitch feed his fish.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

  Dec. 21st: Went to see Two Weeks Notice, which was nice. And then had dinner at Nagasaki Inn. (Mitch commented on the oddness of a Japanese restaurant in America being named after a Japanese city that we dropped an atom bomb on.) Had a really good time there, and when he drove me back to my car, we sat and talked in his car for a while. My doing really, I was just enjoying myself so much that I didn't want the evening to end. The windows fogged up from us sitting in it talking, and I wonder what it looked like to people passing by...

Tuesday, Dec. 24th - Wednesday, Dec. 25th: We had gotten a few inches of snow, so Mitch had come home from his mom's house (an hour away) early. When I found out that he was home alone on Christmas Eve, I asked him if he wanted company. We watched an Eddie Izzard DVD and then stayed up until 2 am talking. We probably could have talked all night, but he had to work the next day. I hadn't realized that, and felt really bad that I had been keeping him up all night, but he said that it didn't bother him, that he would have mentioned it if he had wanted me to go.
Wednesday night: When I arrived he had a fire in the fireplace and lit candles -- nice. We watched Finding Forrester getting gradually cozier on the couch together. I'm a touchy-feely person. I like to hug people and stuff like that, but several of my friends don't like that kind of thing, so I don't get to do it much. Mitch is very touchy-feely and cuddly -- I like that. (I noticed just this week that I hugged a friend that really doesn't like that sort of thing...look out people, I'm afraid that my long-repressed touchy-feeliness has been unleashed.)

Friday, December 27, 2002

  So here's the first installment of a brief recap of the last two weeks:

Saturday, Dec. 14th: Got a message from Mitch from the personals site. Emailed Mitch. He responded. Emailing continued. I wrote about him on the blog -- he read it. He mentioned that he might be at the megabookstore that night -- Matt and I went, but he never made it. I was on the lookout for him the entire time, and was a bit of a nervous wreck.

Monday, Dec. 16th: My neighbor, Cindi, let me use her computer, and Mitch and I chatted for nearly four hours. My friend, Angela, messaged me from Japan, harassing me to ask him out. (I felt guilty about giving Ang the play by play, but later found out that he was doing the same with his friend Matt.) I asked him if we could get together that night (I was thinking Penny Lane Coffeehouse, or somesuch), but he couldn't go. He then asked me if I'd like to go out to dinner the next night.

Tuesday, Dec. 17th: We were meeting at 7 at Angelo's for dinner. As I drove down Main Street, I saw him waiting outside the restaurant. I parked around the other side of the block from where he was, and came out of a passage between buildings -- catching him off guard, as he was expecting to see me coming from half a block away. We had a really nice dinner and then talked for about an hour. Then we went to the megabookstore for a little while. As he left, he left it up to me, saying that I should contact him if I wanted to.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

  Taking a break from my love life for a moment...

The other day we heard a tremendous crashing of dozens of video tapes hitting the floor in the video room. We rushed in thinking that one of the wall mounted racks had fallen off the wall. There was a little boy sitting on the floor with a stunned look on his face. "Are you okay?" we asked, thinking that he had somehow gotten hurt. He curled into a ball and started crying. "He's not hurt," his mother said as she picked up the tapes off the floor, "just embarrassed. I told him not to spin the rack too fast, and then he spun it with all his might and sent them all flying." Man, the mess was quite impressive. He must have spun that thing with all he had, kind of like those old ladies spinning the big wheel on The Price is Right.

  Wednesday morning a certain gay male friend of mine called:
Friend: Can you talk?
Me: Huh?
Friend: Are you alone?
Me: Yes... (puzzled)
Friend: Oh, I thought that he might be there...
Me: Ohmigawd! As if! Like I would sleep with him on the first date!?
Friend: (trying to cover) Oh no! It was just a joke! Just kidding! Just kidding!

Friday, December 20, 2002

  I have a dilemma. Do I write about Mitch on the blog? It would kind of suck not to be able to share, but I don't want to have to ask him not to read my blog anymore. (He offered to stop reading it, and I believe that he would.) How much would I have told you guys anyway? Hmm...not sure. Decisions, decisions. One thought that I've had is to actually create a separate blog just for talking about it. I've also thought doing just the parts about him the way they do spoilers on a Star Wars website I used to look at. I would set the text to be the same color as the background, and you would highlight the lines to see what it says. Like this:

Mitch and I are going to go out again on Saturday.

Any thoughts?

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

  My hair has a mind of it's own, and I pretty much let it do it's own thing, and generally we peacefully co-exist. But this morning where it decided that it wanted to part is where my one-and-only grey hair is! So all day long, I have this grey hair standing up out of my part...oh yeah, and did I mention that I have a date tonight? And he's a lot taller than me, so there it will be waving at him all evening... Should I pull it out? Old wives' tales be damned?

  Bowling for Columbine was great. Everyone should have to watch it. I was so into it that I didn't notice several guys get up and walk out early on -- one of my friends told me about it after the movie was over.

This morning, when I was starting up all the computers I found a printer with sheets torn out of a spiral bound note book in the paper tray. Oh, that would have been fun! Picking tiny bits of paper out of the jammed up printer...I'm going to be on the lookout for that kid!

Some of you may remember me talking about the Trekkie nun who has changed her last name to Janeway and uses her real last name as her first name... Well, she is a regular customer at the branch where I work now, coming in at least once a week. So maybe I'll get some good Sister Janeway stories out of it.

Saturday, December 14, 2002

  Okay, many moons ago I put a personal ad on Salon.com...I forgot about the ad completely, and then this morning I got a response from it:

Subject: I'm close on this one...

"(You are) Smart, warm, and funny. Computer skills a definite plus."

Me, Me, Me as well... And Me too.

I'm a smart cookie, I graduated from High School at
Mid-term (but then later dropped out of college to
work full-time) and have a love (which means horde) of
useless trivial facts. I take very good care of my
fish, and I sometimes tear-up at sad movies (but not
TV). I laugh at myself, politics and situations, but I
try very very hard not to laugh at others. Not only do
I have computer skills, I'm a computer professional at
D-------- (with a passion for all things digital)

I enjoy Literature, Film, Tv, and Gaming of all sorts.
Not to mention Music, dining out, and too much more to
list! If you'd like to chat sometime about anything at
all drop me a line:

(listed his email, MSN, ICQ, AIM, and Y!)


Hmm...any thoughts? I did a Google search on him, and am contemplating trying a bit of social engineering to get some more info...

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

  I'm busy doing homework...come back later.

Saturday, December 07, 2002

It looks like I'm going to be getting a new home computer.

If we build it, here's the case, isn't she purty? Add an 80GB hard disk - $90, a floppy - $20, i845GE motherboard with AGP port - $120, 256MB of RAM - $50, power supply, mouse, keyboard, speakers, I already have a decent monitor and printer.

Or, I might order one from Dell: 1.8GHz P4, 128MB RAM, 120GB hard disk, 48x CD-ROM, CD-RW, 32MB video card, and some surely crappy speakers for $549 plus shipping after a $100 mail-in rebate

  I was waiting on a 60-ish guy yesterday who wanted a book or two about grammar and spelling, because he felt that he is kind of weak on the basics because of his early schooling. He told me that he went to a really small school in the country where the teachers had no more than a high school diploma, and the principal once told them that we could never go to the moon, because there was a shell around the earth... So, I took him over to the section where the style guides are:
Me: Hmm...this one looks like it's for people for whom English is a second language...
Him: Well, English is actually my third language.
Me: Oh, really?
Him: My first and second languages are Hillbilly and Profanity -- I'm fluent in those two, but I struggle mightily with English.

  Day Five:

My new boss and I have been going over my tasks and duties because she is going to be on vacation next week. A lot of what I'm doing here is processing busywork to keep me occupied in between reference questions. Ironically, I think that my old job was more complex and utilized my reference skills more, even though I was categorized (and paid) as a clerk. Now, I'm doing many tasks that I think that a clerk could do, but I'm considered a paraprofessional. Go figure.

At the end of the day, my new boss told me that she my first week had gone very well, and asked me about how I felt about it. I told her that I feel that with this new job I'm pulling from my experience in all my past jobs, library or otherwise, and that the change had been much easier than I had feared. I really don't know what I was worried about, but I had been stressed out about it.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

  Day Three:

Ugh. I got some kind of stomach flu and only managed to work half the day. Spent the rest of the day in bed (and in the bathroom) wishing someone would put me out of my misery. Mom came over with ginger ale and chicken broth.

Day Four:

Still a bit queasy, but much better than yesterday. We had our system-wide Christmas party this morning, which was nice. We put up a Christmas tree at our branch -- the other reader's advisor assembled the tree and put on the lights, and I finished it by putting on the garland, ornaments and angel. After work, we are getting together at a restaurant for a party for the woman whose job I'm now doing.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

  Day Two:

The bad news is that as soon as I got my computer set up just the way I like it, the hard drive started making horrible noises. The good news is that they brought me a brand-spankin'-new one this afternoon! (I called the head of Computer Services and held the phone next to the box as it went moan-sigh-moan-sigh-hiss-moan-sigh-soundofwaterboiling-moan-sigh, etc.)

My new boss' office is directly behind my desk, so there will be no blogging or posting to Rovidica during work hours. : (

  Day One:

I arrived at my new job just after 8 a.m., I had come early so that I could get my desk set up. I'm really glad that I did, because it was a mess. The woman who had had the desk before me had just left without cleaning it up. When I opened the drawer, it was a disaster area! It was filled with pens, pencils, and other office supplies, but she had also left all sorts of personal items, such as: two bottles of Sweet Breath, lots of Wint-o-green Lifesavers, and several tubes of lip balm -- I think she has some sort of paranoia about bad breath/chapped lips. So, I emptied the drawer completely, wiped it out, and started putting back what I wanted to keep, and throwing lots of stuff. She even left a mousepad made by her grandson! I gave it to my boss to send to her.

I pretty much went straight to work when we opened, asking questions of my boss and co-workers as things came up, but by the end of the day, it didn't seem like it could still be my first day at work. Maybe because the job is so similar to what I'm already doing at the university, I took right to it.

A few notable patron encounters:
  • A female college student who had a long list of books/plays that had been made into films to watch for an assignment was only interested in seeing one film on the list: A River Runs Through It Surprise! The only one on the list starring Brad Pitt!

  • The woman who talked loudly on her cell phone, saying at one point, "I can talk -- I'm just at the library!" (So where does she think that it is inappropriate to talk loudly on a cell phone? A doctor's waiting room? Church? The ladies room?)

  • The woman who called several times throughout the day to get Consumer Reports' opinions on various used cars that she was looking at for her 16 year old's first car. (While Consumer Reports liked the 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix, they panned the 1999 GMC Jimmy, saying that the handling was "cumbersome," the brakes had been improved to "adequate", and that the Blazer and Jimmy lines were found to be "subpar.")

  • Also, several moms came in to get books for their kids' who were writing papers on environmental subjects, such as "the food chain" and "deforestation."