Saturday, August 30, 2003

Thursday, August 28, 2003

  The man who sold the moon
You belong in The Man Who Sold The Moon. You are a
dreamer. People don't understand your
calling, and often get in your way. Frontiers
call to you, and you will breathe your last
breath as you gaze back from a distant horizon.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

  Let me catch you up a bit...

Hometown - My dad comes over with a U-Haul truck to move my stuff to Bloomington. Just as we are nearly finished loading said truck, U-Haul calls and says that they gave him the wrong one, and could he please bring it back to trade. The contents of truck are quickly unloaded onto the driveway and he rushes off to make the swap. When he comes back, the truck is quickly reloaded and we are on our way. James and I go in my car, followed by Rhonda in hers. My sister and her boyfriend rode in the truck with my dad. The trip is pretty uneventful, until my dad takes the wrong exit at Bloomington and has a hissy fit...I'm glad I wasn't in the truck with him!

Bloomington - We unload the truck as quickly at we can, because if Dad can get the truck back by 5, he will save some money. My apartment is on the fourth floor, and there is no elevator, but thanks to an ingenious design -- built into the side of a hill -- we can back the truck up to a door that comes in between the third and fourth floors, meaning we only have to go up half a dozen steps. As soon as everything has been unloaded, my dad tells my sister and her boyfriend to get in the truck, and he takes off, trying to beat the clock.

James, Rhonda and I decided to go buy me some fans, because it was incredibly hot, but bought an air conditioner instead. Now, I had thought about buying an air conditioner, but decided that I would just have to do without...that was before I arrived in Bloomington and discovered that it is just as humid here as it is back home -- ugh! Later that evening, James installed my air conditioner. not having any tools or anything, he had to improvise. I won't go into detail, except to say that , yes, duct tape was involved. (Have you ever tried to sleep on a twin bed with another adult? I don't recommend it.)

After getting the apartment somewhat in order, we set off for home, because I had a doctor appointment that afternoon. After my appointment, we picked up my prescriptions, and then met Todd for dinner at Los Bravos.

After James went to work, I stopped by our main library branch to say goodbye to some people, stopped at a friend's house to return a video that I had borrowed, and then drove back to Bloomington. (to be continued)

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

  (I'm in the midst of my move to Bloomington, so I wasn't going to blog for a day or two, but I just had to chime in about the Minneapolis librarians' lawsuit.)

This article and this article explain better what the librarians were really upset about. The administration did not take action to protect the librarians from the behavior of patrons who came to the library to view porn. Forced to endure these patrons masterbating, verbally abusing them, assaulting them, and a rapist even stalking one librarian! Getting little to no support or protection from the administration, they were forced to go to court, and now patron access -- what the administrators were originally trying to protect -- is the victim.

Friday, August 15, 2003


I worked from 8:30 to 2 yesterday, training my replacement (Rhonda), packing up my belongings, and wrapping up loose ends. When I got home, I laid on the bed and cried for a bit. This is just so scary, giving up the job I wanted and finally got, at a branch where there were no (well, okay, only one) nutty people making my life miserable, leaving my friends and family, and the great guy that I finally found... I know that going away to finish my degree is the right thing to do, but that doesn't make it much easier. One of my coworkers commented with a trace of bitterness in her voice that when I finish and come back, I will be making twice as much -- a bit of an exaggeration. I'm not sure if the bitterness comes from her being jealous, or being regretful that she never did this (she's in her 40s now), or maybe both.

James and I watched several episodes of Red Dwarf together, which helped to lighten my mood, and then I went to the dinner with my coworkers, while he went to his friend's house. Dinner was great. (For some reason, I didn't take any pictures, but another person did, and said that she would send them to me.) Rhonda sat at one end of the table, and I was at the other, with everyone else between us -- it just seemed right. I'm going, she's coming, the passing of the torch and all that. Periodically, we kept catching each other's eye and smiling at each other...so unlike the first dinner I attended with this group, when I was the new person, and my predecessor was leaving... I'm really glad that I'm leaving my position in what I feel are capable hands -- it sets my mind at ease that I'm not inconveniencing everyone with my departure. When I left my last position for this job, I knew that it was going to hurt that department, and it has, but I had to do what was right for me for a change, I had paid enough dues.

After dinner, Rhonda was going to drive me home, but we decided to go see Le Divorce first. It hadn't opened yet, so we saw American Wedding instead. We laughed our asses off. When she took me home, we sat in the car and talked until midnight, mostly about work and going back to school.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

  Today is my last full day at work. I work half-day tomorrow, and then I'm spending the next few days getting ready for my move to Bloomington. This seemed so far off when I got the job back in May, and now, here it is.

There is a sign-up sheet in the staff room for a dinner Thursday night as a kind of combination going away/welcome party for me and Rhonda, who is replacing me. This is very thoughtful, except for the fact that the person organizing it didn't bother to check with Rhonda or I if we could even attend! If I hadn't noticed the sign-up sheet, I wouldn't have known about it. Since they didn't mention it to me, I thought that I'd better check with Rhonda...sure enough, no one had told her about it either. That would have been interesting, neither of the guests of honor showing up for their own party, because the organizer forgot to invite them!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

  Now, I've seen wedding websites before, but this one takes the cake! (No pun intended!)

Someone has reserved the appropriate URL for them, in case it doesn't work out.

Monday, August 04, 2003

  So, today I'm working at the reference desk, deleting files, cleaning up my computer in preparation for leaving in two weeks, when a patron walking by the desk stops in front of me. She's standing sideways to me -- not facing me -- and is looking around the reading room.
Me: Hello. (looking at her expectantly, not sure if she has a question)
Patron: Can I get some help? (sarcastically, as if she has been waiting for a long time)
Me: Yes, of course. What can I get for you?
Patron: I want some books on horses.
Me: Okay. You want books with information about horses?
Patron: Yes.
Me: Do you want general information, or is there something in particular that you need to know?
Patron: I need books about training horses.
Me: Okay, let me check and see what we have. (quickly does a catalog search and writes down call numbers for her) Okay, here are the books that we have here, and if these aren't what you need, we can have something sent over from another branch.
Patron: Are any of these by that Lyons guy?
Me: John Lyons? Who wrote "Lyons on Horses"?
Patron: Yeah, that's him! I want books by him.

Now, I'm a bit annoyed at this point. She came in knowing exactly what she wanted, but acted all passive-agressive and has wasted both our time...
Me: Oh. We have two of his books at another branch, I could have them sent over her for you.
Patron: That's what I want -- those books by him.
Me: Okay. What's your name?
Patron: Linda ********.
(I look her name up. A record comes up, but the woman in the picture looks nothing like her.) Me: Ummm... I think I must have misspelled your last name...could you spell it out for me? (She spells out her last name...I had it right.) Do you live on Virginia Street?
Patron: No!
Me: Do you have your card with you?
Patron: (annoyed) Let me find it... (digs around in purse, finally finds it)
(I wand her card and up comes the record of..."Lynda ********")
Patron: Maybe you got my first name wrong? It's Linda with a "y". People always spell it wrong!
This actually happens pretty often, though usually with children who don't yet know that their mommy has saddled them with a "creative" and "unique" spelling of a common name, i.e. Brandyn, Jessika, Morgyn, McKinzee, Micheal, etc. This woman is old enough to know better...
Me: Your books will be here tomorrow after four o'clock, and you can pick them up at the checkout desk. (pasted on smile)
Patron: Oh, here. I don't need these -- I just want the Lyons books. (wads up and throws the call numbers on my desk, then turns and walks away)

Sunday, August 03, 2003

  I'm working at the university library today, and I'm bored bored bored...I haven't been asked a question in over two hours...

The reference desk here is about 30 ft. from the front doors, which is fine, but one set is equipped with an automatic door opener. (It sounds just like the ones at the grocery store that I go to.) It is intended for use by persons in wheelchairs etc. but apparently most males on this campus are unable to open doors themselves, so I hear the noise of the door opener nearly every time one or more male students enters the library. Some of these guys are on the basketball team, but they can't open a door. I'm tempted to go over and switch the thing off...I wonder what would happen? When the next guy tries to enter through the automatic doors, will he be trapped outside, or will he *gasp* actually open the doors himself?! I'm dying to know, and I do have 25 minutes left to go...hmmm.