Saturday, February 28, 2004

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Party girls in training...


I snapped this pic at my cousin's wedding on Valentine's Day. The kids had been seeing the adults using the keg, and started imitating them, not knowing what they were doing...

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Sex, sex, sex

  Check out this story about a librarian who collected and catalogued porn for 30 years, then sold his collection to the Museum of Sex. (If you need a login for the article, try Bug Me Not.)

As an interlibrary loan librarian, at least a couple times a year I processed requests for articles from Playboy magazine -- yeah, guys, there are articles in there -- usually for the interviews, which are usually pretty good. I cultivated a few sources from which I could borrow issues so I could copy the articles for our patrons. Officially, our library didn't carry "erotica" but we would request it via ILL -- and we got lots of requests for it -- so there was no policy problem with what I was doing. BTW, Penthouse also has some good articles. When I worked in a bookstore, I used to read certain columns regularly, such as Ben Stein's.

Update: I just found out that Playboy is indexed after all, but only available in a couple expensive databases:
As for it not being indexed...
Online it is indexed in FirstSearch's Periodical Abstracts and FactSearch and
LRI (LegalTrac - Online). It is also indexed in ASIP (Access: The Supplementary
Index to Periodicals), BEL&L (Annual Bibliography of English Language and
Literature), IPRAL (Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law), MRD (Media
Review Digest), MagInd (Magazine Index Plus), and PMR (Magazine Artile Summaries
- Formerly Popular Magazine Review). (Thanks, Heather C.!)

Lexis Nexis has Playboy "selected full text" since 1983. Westlaw has it from 1994-2000. (from another librarian named Kate)
Last week, I went on a tour of the Kinsey Institute with a bunch of other library science students. They took us into the stacks, which is not on the regular tour, and I got to see the unique classification system that they have developed to manage their unique collection.

000 General Works
016 Bibliography
025 Library Science
070 Censorship
071 Pornography
100 Psychology
101 Psychology, General
105 Fantasies, Dreams
110 Abnormal Psychology
112 Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry
114 Psychoanalysis
115 Other Therapies
120 Sociology, Methodology
132 Deviant Behavior
134 Ethnic / Racial Groups
136 Developmental Psychology
142 Communication
146 Personality, Emotions
150 Sex Differences
160 Sex Roles, Courtship
162 Marriage / Family Relationships
163 Divorce
180 Social Customs
200 Religion
208 Catholic Church
300 Social Sciences
300 Research Methodology
312 Statistics
332 Family Life / Marriage Education
333 Sex Education
340 Law
360 Crime
380 Prostitution
391 Clothing, Furniture
500 Science
520 Sexual Behavior
525 Bisexuality
526 Autoeroticism
527 Diseases / Disabilities & Sexual Behavior
535 Exhibitionism, Child Sexual Abuse
537 Fetishism
538 Transvestism, Transexualism
570 Anthropology
590 Zoological Sciences
600 Applied Science / Medicine
600 Anatomy, Growth
603 Menopause
604 Childbirth
612 Endocrinology
613 Fertility, Contraception
615 Alcohol, Drugs
616 STD's
617 AIDS
618 Abortion
621 Nudism
627 Physical Fitness
700 The Arts
790 Cinema
800 Literature
900 History
920 Biography

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Cab 81, where are you?

  James called me on his lunchbreak with this great story...apparently this morning in Evansville someone stole a taxi. Now, I'm sure that this sort of thing happens from time to time, but it's the way that it happened that was interesting...

Last night, a man walked into the dispatcher's office of one of the local cab companies and said that he needed a cab. Assuming that he was a new hire, the dispatcher handed him a set of keys and told him to take number 81. He came back a few minutes later because the car wouldn't start. The dispatcher called the mechanic, who got the car running and sent him on his way. Sometime after that, they realized that he was not an employee and had just stolen their taxi. There is now an APB out for "cab number 81."

Mingle @ your library

12 February 2004

Meet and 'Mingle' with other book-lovers and gallery visitors at an early evening private view in the British Library exhibition galleries. The event is open to anyone who is single, likes to talk, and wants to make friends and network with like-minded people.

Event time: 18.30 - 21.00
Location: British Library Treasures gallery, St Pancras
Price: Free, but you need to book
Further details: To reserve tickets email mingle@bl.uk or tel +44 (0)20 7412 7110"

Wednesday, February 04, 2004


  Todd brought up the Al Franken-Heckler incident repeatedly in the comments area of the last post, so I looked it up to get the whole story.

If someone attacked a bunch of people and then broke my glasses, I'd kick their ass, not just put them in a wrestling hold to subdue them. Al has more restraint than I do.

Sunday, February 01, 2004


  Mozilla crashed while I was in the midst of writing a long entry about my trip to Iowa for the caucuses two weeks ago. I don't have the time or inclination to rewrite it, so I will just post some pics: Russ, the Davenport Stormer wrangler, Andy and Sarah listening to Russ, a group photo before separating in Davenport, Senator Tom Harkin talking to a constituent in Bellevue about why he supports Gov. Dean, Judy Dean, a.k.a. Dr. Judith Steinberg, "Sarah and Pete for America!", and the man of the hour, Howard! (I got thisclose to him!)

If you want to ask me anything about the trip, put your questions in the comments area. Thanks.